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Welcome to our Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island Tours


Since 1994, the Aussie based, Griswald's Vietnamese Vacations & our REAL Kangaroo Café offices in Ha Noi have offered high quality, small group tours to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island & at reasonable prices too. We specialise in singles, couples, small groups & families & offer private charter tours as well.

The Kangaroo Café

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ONLY at .....18 Bao Khanh St, Ha Noi


Our You Tube & Face Book pages are often updated & worth a squiz too !

Some good news about our Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island Tours !

Most tour operators don't go over to Cat Ba Island anymore but we're still doing our 3 Day, Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island tours & our guests say they're more than happy with it.

Getting off the boat & checking into one of the best hotels on Cat Ba Island to get your land legs back is nice. Some free time expoloring Cat Ba Island is very popular with our guests too they say.

Our 8 room, 16 Person Boat

This just might be the page you've been looking for !

Getting real advice on travelling in Vietnam and the difficulties in doing it !!!

These days with all the self promotion & paid for but allegedly independent reviews on the many travel forums it's so hard to work out just who's who in the zoo.  We've had way more than our fair share of grief & nonsense with the Lying Planet mob & Trip Advisor in particular. Trip Advisor are now crying in their beer about their recent fine of over 500,000 Euros for the many thousands of fake reviews (& that's just in Italy) & it's only the tip of the Camberg too.

Kwikchex & the Naked Hungry Traveller have been great in bringing the cash for clicks, Trip Advisor, LP & others to heel & it really is way overdue too.  We've always urged caution about choosing what's right for you & these days it's unfortunately no less difficult when the mobs who are supposed to help us are just in it for the cash for clicks It's time the shameless self promotion & paid for reviews on the various travel forums stopped & lets hope this time it does.

Over the last 20 years we've had thousands of people choose us for their tours.  Time & again our customers & some for their 2nd, 3rd & 4th trip have said they chose us because they wanted to go with the tour operator & not just another ticket seller.

That's how we know - We're not like everybody else !

It makes all the difference in Price, Quality, Service & Safety !


Some Various Pics of our Halong Bay Boat

Double & Twin Share Rooms on our Boat



You can see lots more about our tours on our recently updated Youtube Page

The fancy Hotel where we stay on Cat Ba Island


The hotel on Cat Ba Island is lovely. Modern, nice & with all mod cons too.

The balconies are great & offer spectacular views of the bay as well.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

 Our 2 Day & 1 Night Ha Long Bay tour as well as on our 3 Day Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island tours, our guests sometimes like to go Kyaking in Ha Long Bay.

For the young or young at heart, Kyaking in Halong Bay is always lots of fun. The Kyaks are the 2 person style which is good too becasue, to be honest, the tides up in Ha Long Bay can be a bit strong at times.




Swimming in Halong Bay (&/or acting like big kids !)



Night Fishing for squid in Halong Bay (Sorry but we can't guarantee you'll get any !)


Fishing for squid in Ha Long Bay is for fun but please don't take it too seriously.

Our guests often get some but if the moon's not out, the squid don't come out either ???

Various Other Ha Long Bay Tour Pics

Ti Top Island


Sung Sot (The Amazing) Cave


The A/con, BMC Restaurant for lunch before returning to Ha Noi.



The Hong Ngoc, Agent Orange Victims work shop.

It's our nature stop on the way to the bay & features good food, clean toilets !


From an Aussie travel doco Maxie did some years ago.


Other Ha Long Bay pics, some from many years ago.

Some of the people in these pics we became friends with & still are today which is just great ! 





Various other pics.




Some of our 2 Day Halong Bay tour details

(Please email us for a comprehensive 2 Day Halong Bay tour itinerary)


With the REAL Kangaroo Café, you'll get - transportation, all meals, COLD drinks at reasonable prices, air con room (with private en suite bathroom), entrance fees, an English speaking guide for our special ........

$119 USD P/person, twin share, full price !


Some of our 3 Day Halong Bay tour details

(Again, please email us for a comprehensive 3 Day Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island itinerary)


With the REAL Kangaroo Café, you'll get - transportation, COLD drinks (at reasonable prices), all meals (except dinner on day 2 on Cat Ba island), air con room (with private en suite bathroom) on the boat (& at the hotel on Cat Ba), entrance fees and an English speaking guide for our special price of ........

$169 USD P/person, twin share, full price !


BTW, where kids are concerned - With the Kangaroo Cafe

Kids under 5 (sharing a room with their parents) are FREE !!!

Kids under 10 (sharing a room with their parents) pay only 50% !!!

Kids under 10 (staying in their own room) pay only 75% !!!


Being the tour operator you won't have to pay for any agents, hotel staff, taxi drivers, internet booking mobs & who knows who else's fees or commissions.  Our prices are stated clearly on our itineraries as are all the other details like group size, what's included, what's not included, accomm details, drink prices etc.

It's pretty straight forward with us & any questions are easy to answer when you deal with the tour operator.


A few words on this very silly book now, book now scam !!!


The 3 words are ........ Just Ignore Them !!!

Sending money to someone who then sends it to someone else & maybe even someone else again ...... it's a nonsense & won't guarantee you a spot on anything, anywhere at anytime !!!

Relax, don't book now, have a cuppa, don't send any money, take a deep breath & give yourself a break

The whole urgent, urgent thing is just a scam & we're sorry to say it but, that's all it is !

And BTW, with us, tipping is appreciated but it's NEVER, compulsory !

Note: For those with time constraints, our Ha Long Bay & Sapa tours can be done, back to back, in under 5 days.

Doing them back to back is easy too. We've got free luggage storage, hot showers & clean towels in the cafe.

Again, please email us for some detailed itineraries if you wish.


The Kangaroo Café

When in Ha Noi don't forget to hop over to the REAL Kangaroo Café You'll find great Vietnamese, vegetarian & western food (at local prices), the coldest beer in Viet Nam as well as the latest information for travellers.  Find out what to buy, where to buy it & better still, what the fair price for it really is. 

Our Air Con Café is only at 18 Bao Khanh St & it's a great place to stop off & the KC staff are always keen to help with all your questions. While you're in the cafe you can pick up a Free local map & the ever important - Free Stubby Holder too !!!

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Only 18 Bao Khanh St Ha Noi !!!



Click on the thumbnails above to get a printable version of our Ha Noi or HCM City maps.

So, what makes our Café & Tours so popular ?

Griswald's & our Kangaroo Café have enjoyed lots of great reviews in various publications around the world.  In Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong etc & in publications like the Sydney Morning Herald, the New York Times, the Boston Globe & with Singapore Airlines to name just a few.

* NEW * Just recently the very popular, BBC - Fast Track's team, popped in whilst in Ha Noi.  Rajan Datar, Mike London & the crew were so kind & we wish to thank them again, very much. They were doing a show on Viet Nam & it's really good, like so many BBC shows are. Fast Track (click) Viet Nam Direct & it's well worth a look.

Our REAL Kangaroo Café in Ha Noi made it into the International Cow 50 of the most amazing burger joints in the world list & our Ha Long Bay Tour has been featured in 2 travel shows as well.

In Nov 2008 we were featured in UK based, Rough Guide to Far Eastern Adventures which features the very likeable, funny & popular Toby Amies.  Toby & his crew were just great to work with.  They were honest, decent, funny, kind to us, our staff & treated everyone they met along the way with integrity.  We wish to thank them again most sincerely. 

Here's some REAL reviews that we were very pleased about !


From the 2008/9 Rough Guide, Sth East Asia book.


Griswald's & our REAL Kangaroo Café make the whole thing of booking your trip, getting there & back again easy, simple & enjoyable but these days, unfortunately, there's any number of mobs that try their hardest to convey this incredible sense of urgency in order to get your money over the net before you get to Viet Nam.  At the hotel there'll be someone trying to pressure you as well & in both cases it's because they know if you see what's really on offer else where you'd never take their way over priced tours. 


You've got to love the corny old lines like ....... it's all gotta go, Ha Long bay is closing down, selling out fast, this is a 1 time offer, this time of year it really busy, it's going to be hard to get a spot etc, bla, bla ......... These nuts are using some of the oldest & most stupid lines as if we haven't all heard any of them before.  So ..... relax & take your time & it's no busier in Ha Long now than it's ever been & please check the bona fides of any tour mob very carefully before parting with any of your hard earned money. 


We have no idea who's doing the sales courses in Viet Nam but we think it could be that bloke with the crook teeth & spandex fetish from the late night tele at home in Oz. So, relax & take your time & it's no busier in Ha Long now than it's ever been & please check out any tour mob carefully before parting with your hard earned money. 


In the past, tourists had to go back to Ha Long town for the night and venture out again the next day because the boats weren't properly equipped to cater for overnight stays.  be careful however, going on one of the many boats between 35 - 100 other people.  Try to imagine getting some quiet time to yourselves or what meal times will be like ....  Over crowding on the boat has led to accidents & it's not fair to the environment, the customers or the Vietnamese who's country has been brutalised by foreign invaders more than any other country in the world.

In our lounge/recreation areas we have CD music & DVD systems, so feel free to bring along your favourite music &/or films.  There's always plenty of room to get away or, if you wish, to join in the fun with the other guests, it's up to you.  When we started our small group tours to Ha Long Bay we realised that the small group concept was very important not just to our guests, but to the integrity of Ha Long Bay itself.

Our private charter tours are available too so if you'd like a lovely Junk style boat for yourself, your family or a group of friends please let us know & we'll give you our very best price.

Our commitment to your safety as well as your fun is 100%.  Our boats are fitted with life jackets, maritime radios, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms & 1st aid kits toojust in case you need them.

After the success we've had with our Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island Tours we didn't just sit back and think how clever we were.  The tourism industry isn't like that & as one of the very few independent tour operators, we don't have the luxury of being part of one of the big state owned companies to take care of us.

We've got 2 boats leaving nearly every day & our guests couldn't be happier with them.  Our guides & crews are great & the food they cook on board is fan-tas-tic !  The prawns, squid and fresh fish are delicious but we even have vegetarian food too.

Our sleep on the boat tours are all about having fun & have been a big hit with our guests too.  Of course the real attraction is the bay itself and one of our nicest ever guests, Larry the lawyer, said this on returning:

"Nothing really could have prepared me for the magnificence of Ha Long" . Well put Larry !


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Contact Details

The best way to receive more information about us &/or our tours, is to E-mail us.

Our Email address is: kangaroo@kangaroocafe.com

Griswald's Vietnamese Vacations

P.O. Box 501, Leichhardt N.S.W. 2040 Australia

& our REAL Kangaroo Café

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ONLY at .....18 Bao Khanh St, Ha Noi

To chat, person to person (it only costs a Dollar or $2) phone us direct.

Our Café/Office Number in Viet Nam - +844 382 899 31

Our Mobile Number in Viet Nam       - +84 913 506 223

Australian Company Registration Number: 107 709 384 

Aust Govt Travel Agents Licence Number (your international protection): 2TA5568

Doing business with companies over the internet still makes some people, understandably, nervous. Australian Travel Agents, like us, are licensed by the NSW Government Dept of Fair Trading & all our bona fides are available online through the Department.

Only REAL Travel Agents can offer you this security & protection. 

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